Mythusoft Product FAQ
Q:What is the size limit of the ISO file ISOMagic can proccess?

A:If you register, it is 2GB. If you haven't registered, it is 300MB.

Q:How do I input my registration code?

A:Double click the ISOMagic shortcut, it will show you a "Please register" window. Clicking the "Register" button, you can see a "Registration code..." window. From there you can register.

Q:Can ISOMagic copy bootable CD to image file?

A:Yes. ISOMagic copies CD to ISO image file with sector by sector method, so it can retain all information of the compact disc, including boot information. Therefore, making a bootable CD image with ISOMagic it can boot after you've burnt it to CD-R.

Q:If I lose my registration code, what can I do?

A:If you have not received any information and you have ordered it, or you lost the registration information, please visit to get your code back.

Q:Which operating systems does ISOMagic support?

A:ISOMagic can run on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, NT4.0.

Q:How do I report a program bug?
A:Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please contact us at .

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